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Having a problem meeting Budapest or Albin gambits? Try our ‘gambit killer’ Ivan Salgado advise.
Feeling adventurous against ‘impregnable Slav’ – perhaps Geller/Tolush gambit is something for you!
Interested how young top guns prepare some of their favorite lines – Dutch youngest ever GM Jorden van Foreest shares his secrets.
Hedgehog type positions can come from many different opening variations and lead to complex battle difficult to handle in a practical play. Ivan Sokolov explains strategic and tactical ideas (for the both sides) in his ‘Hedgehog Masterclass’.
Chigorin variation, employed by legendary Russian champion Mikhail Ivanovich Chigorin more than 100 years ago is one of the oldest and most reliable Black’s choices in Ruy Lopez. Understanding space, dynamic tension, strategic plans all comes to play in resulting complex middlegame positions. Grandmaster Ivan Salgado explains it all in his ‘Understanding Ruy Lopez Chigorin Masterclass’.
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