About Us

About Us

At “Chess Castle” we are focused on delivering quality digital media chess content aimed at improving Club players level.
We have decided to start with the high level chess videos purposed to improve understanding of all aspects of the game (opening lines, middlegames or endgames).
Our digital download videos are on average 60 minutes duration (in our view an optimal time for a Club player level), but some subjects will be connected (and offered if desired) in a bundle.
The difference between us and other chess video producers is that our mission is to focus on quality (not quantity) and our video ideas we screen carefully, while authors being amongst the World best.
We also have (next to videos) other digital media developments in the pipeline- that will be announced in a due time.

Ivan Sokolov, partner & executive director

Ivan became grandmaster distant 1987 and has spent a ‘lifetime’ in chess. During his professional playing career he won many tournaments and has beaten (in classical time control) famous World champions (Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik…), reaching World top 12 rankings several times (in a thirteen years span).

End 2013 he quit professional playing and focused on coaching and writing (having a few acclaimed bestsellers to his name).

Ivan is no stranger to chess media having in the past produced several chess DVDs and being commentator on some of the World top events.

“Harry has represented Sweden in seven Olympiads and became a grandmaster in 1988. Lately he has focused at his career as a Lawyer, and is now a well respected and popular consultant, specializing in Business Law. He rarely plays chess nowadays, but won the Swedish championship in Blitz 2015.”

Harry Schussler partner & chairman