BenOni Saemisch

BenOni Saemisch


This e-book contains authors’ recommendations for Black, well structured into 4 chapters and is aimed to help tournament player to enrich his fighting repertoire.
Requirements: CB11 or higher
PGN files included

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This e-book consists of four chapters, each chapter with it’s own introduction, theoretical part and games selection. Throughout the chapters we are often pointing out the move orders and transpositions. The material is aimed at arming open tournaments fighter with ‘direct grandmaster level opening preparation’! We have many theoretical novelties in this e-book and we have aimed with the ‘work quality’ to provide ‘grandmaster level preparation’, while with ‘verbal explanations’ we have tried to make the material easy understandable for 1800+ level. We have tried to be objective with our analyses (and we have many novelties for the White side), however this e-book is aimed to provide ‘Black side Ben-Oni preparation’! Studying this e-book will make reader eagerly wait to try it in practice and will contribute to his/her practical success!