Crush Philidor with Shirov Gambit

Crush Philidor with Shirov Gambit


This e-book is well structured in 3 chapters. Authors have proposed many novel idea, aimed to give White side direct opening preparation to tournament fighter.
Requirements: CB11 or higher
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Philidor defense is (relatively) frequent guest at open tournaments and has reputation of solid opening. In this e-book authors are suggesting to ”crush the Philidor” using daring ”Shirov Gambit”.

Alexei Shirov is famed for his attacking skills and this gambit he employed almost twenty years ago aiming to light ”fire on board” as early as move five!

Shirov’s idea stood the test of time, Black players still not having clear antidote.

Authors have divided material into three well structured chapters (accompanied with games section) and proposed many theoretical novelties. Book is aimed as White side aggressive opening preparation and should bring instant success to tournament fighter!
Authors have tried with the ”work quality” to provide ”grandmaster level preparation”, while with clear structure and verbal explanations to make this e-book easy accessible for 1800+ player.

Tactically gifted players (after studying this material) would be eagerly waiting for their opponents to choose for (seemingly) solid ”Philidor” and give them ”fire on board” as early as move five!