Jorden vs Pirc & Modern

Jorden vs Pirc & Modern


Pirc or Modern opening are frequent guests at Open tournaments and having ‘clear cut’ preparation will help scoring points!
Most promising Dutch GM Jorden Van Foreest reveals his secrets!
Jorden’s approach is aggressive Austrian attack with little played side line -that served him well to score important win vs Russian top GM Vladislav Fedoseev at recent TATA steel super tournament.

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Runtime: 57min.

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Aggressive Austrian attack (4.f4) is the most principled approach versus Pirc of Modern! White builds powerful center and is ready to strike.

Most players do like the approach, but do not like the bunch of theory that comes with it!

Jorden van Foreest explores (vs Pirc) on little played 5.a3 side line (aimed at stopping Black’s 5…c5 counter play).

Vs Modern Jorden also explores on 4.f4 strategy and shows clear way to advantage!