Kill the Dutch Defense

Kill the Dutch Defense


Do you have a problem meeting the Dutch Defense?
A plenty of 1.d4 players do!
Stonewall Dutch is a headache to many open tournament players, while Leningrad Dutch is also problem to professionals alike.
In this video Ivan Sokolov offers a simple solution!
Play 2.Nc3! Get an opening advantage and have your opponent on ‘your own turf’ as early as move two!
Runtime: 64min.

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2.Nc3 variations versus the Dutch Defense has served Ivan Sokolov well throughout his career and in this video (and downloadable pgn) Ivan shares his secrets!
White’s play is positionally sound and in the ensuing middlegame positions Black often regrets having his f-pawn pushed to f5.
Middlegame positions (arising from this line) often resemble QGO (Queen’s gambit orthodox), but here black pawn on f5 has brought about other weaknesses in Black’s camp that White is happy to exploit!
Some of the top guns like Levon Aronian or Boris Gelfand also employed 2.Nc3! in their opening arsenal against the Dutch Defense.
Studying this video & downloadable pgn will remove your ‘Dutch worries’ and make you happy to face this opening in your next tournament!