Mastering the Exchange Sacrifice

Mastering the Exchange Sacrifice


Sacrificing the exchange in chess often involves strategic as well as dynamic elements and this is what this video is about!

One of the best French GMs Romain Edouard has selected five instructive examples of strategic exchange sacrifice involving dynamic elements.

In the majority of the examples (four out of five) exchange sacrifice damages opponent’s pawn structure while (at the same time) dynamic elements in the position benefit the attacking side.

Sacrificing motifs are typical and will improve your play, making it easier for you to recognize similar opportunities in your own games!


Runtime: 65min.

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Ninth World champion Tigran Petrosian was famed for his ‘position improvement’ exchange sacrifices, while eighth World champion Mikhail Tal’s sacrifices had an accent on the dynamics of the position (‘dynamics of the moment’).
Exchange sacrifices selected by French top GM Romain Edouard in this video, combine both of those elements! They are typical (for the opening involved) and will help you spot similar sacrificial opportunities in your own games!
Throughout his career, Edouard has collaborated with former World champion Veselin Topalov for years and majority of the examples selected in this video (three out of five) stem from games of the famous Bulgarian.
Nevertheless, famous Sicilian sacrifice of ‘The beast from Baku’ legendary thirteenth World champion Garry Kasparov is also in the selection!
Romain Edouard has represented France in numerous chess Olympiads and authored several chess books.