Monster Your Endgame

Monster Your Endgame


This e-book contains 62 learning examples well structured into 6 chapters and is aimed to help tournament player improve his endgame play.
Requirements: CB11 or higher
PGN files included

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Co-authored by two experienced coaches (both FIDE Senior Trainers) and writers – GM Ivan Sokolov and GM Efstratios Grivas, Monster Your Endgame is aimed to improve tournament fighter’s endgame play.

This e-book consists of six chapters:

  1. Reti Maneuver
  2. Saavedra Position
  3. Lasker Steps
  4. Must-Know Rook Endings
  5. Rook vs Bishop Endings
  6. 10 Useful Endgame Examples

In total there are 62 learning examples that are carefully selected, presenting a mix of historical studies, practical guide examples (positions likely to occur in practical play!) but also those from modern (top level) tournament practice (including games as recent as FIDE World Cup 2017 or Asian Nations Cup 2018).

Given its structure the e-book can be used by chess coaches (material for lectures) or aspiring players (to improve their practical play).

Monster Your Endgame is a clear endgame improvement tool and is endorsed by FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG).