Punish Late Development

Punish Late Development


Neglecting development can be costly in chess!

Often, for  ‘the love of an extra pawn’ or in pursuit of a strategic idea, players neglect their development in the opening.

In this video top French GM Romain Edouard explains how to punish your opponent for such neglect. Too slow strategy meets tactical retribution!

Examples range from a classic exploitation by Bobby Fischer to a modern example from Chinese top gun Ding Liren.

Runtime: 65 minutes

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From the earliest times of chess quick piece development in the opening has always been recommended – but this advice is not always followed!

Often, in order to win a pawn (or two) or achieve seemingly interesting (but slow) strategic idea players can neglect their opening pieces development.

The window of opportunity to punish this…usually closes rather quickly-so decisive action is needed!

In this video GM Romain Edouard has selected seven instructive examples ranging from a classic example in Keres-Fischer to Ding Liren’s 2017 brilliancy, to show a pattern for turning a lead in development into a decisive advantage.

Energetic pawn breaks and opening of files and diagonals abound!

After following this video and studying the enclosed PGN the viewer/reader will feel inspired to use the lead in development and will anxiously wait for his/her opponent to waste the (precious) time in order to take some meaningless pawn!

Romain Edouard has been one of the strongest French grandmasters for over a decade, and is the author of several highly regarded chess books.

This is Romain’s second video for Chess Castle.