Understanding Delayed Ben-Oni

Understanding Delayed Ben-Oni


If you enjoy playing Ben-Oni as Black, this product will open a whole new horizon for you! Imagine that you’re not obliged to take …exd5, but instead wait and try to make use of an also looming pawn push …e6-e5 that may suddenly become highly unpleasant for White. Serbian GM Ivan Ivanisevic will guide you through all the tiny nuances of this interesting plan for Black that he himself tested in numerous encounters against strong GMs. This weapon will enrich your play for sure and make you almost scream at your opponent to opt for 1.d4 main lines!


Runtime: 112 min.


Desired minimum chess level: above 1900 FIDE ELO

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The diagramed position is the starting point of this video.

It is standard Ben-Oni opening position, but Black has not captured …exd5 yet and therefore we call it ‘Delayed Ben-Oni’.

This delayed capture on d5 (Black pawn still being on e6) offers Black abundant choice of plans that are not possible in regular Ben-Oni positions.

GM Ivan Ivanisevic has been (over a decade) the best Serbian player, leading the national team at many Olympiads and European teams’ competitions.

One of the crucial encounters where Ivanisevic trusted his guns in ‘Delayed Ben-Oni’ was played in 2014 at Tromso Olympiad versus Armenian superstar Levon Aronian. Ivan used one of his favorite pawn sacrifice ideas and soon it was Aronian who offered a draw!

Levon obviously liked Ivan’s idea, as later he employed it as Black(!) beating Vietnamese star Le Quang Liem in Saint Louis 2017.

Needless to say, over the years Ivanisevic has successfully used ‘Delayed Ben-Oni’ as a trusted weapon versus many 2600+ GMs.

Move orders and plans are thoroughly explained, while enclosed PGN download provides excellent opening information.

This video is both about understanding ensuing positions and plans, as well as ‘direct opening preparation’.

Ivanisevic, guiding you through Black’s plans & set-up, explains how to ‘push’ White into a ‘street fight’.

‘Delayed Ben-Oni’ is an excellent weapon for Open tournaments fighter!